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Poster: summerseve Date: Jun 19, 2004 11:34pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Overwhelming batch of good new movies

KUDOS to everyone putting in this thought and effort! It will really make this an even better site. You are all making me so happy. OK, so I'm easy.
In answer to the last question, hopefully you could search for "coffins", and receive results along these lines:
1. Animation: Computer: Coffins: "The Graverobbing Aliens from Alpha Centauri"
2. Politics: Presidents: Ronald Reagan: "State Funeral of Ronald Reagan"
Wouldn't that be spiffy?

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Poster: FP Date: Jun 20, 2004 12:04am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Overwhelming batch of good new movies

So a solution is already in the works. Great!

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Poster: simon c Date: Jun 20, 2004 1:30am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Possible solution (was Re: Overwhelming batch..)


At some point when I was half-asleep last night, I had a better idea. The problem with doing the general 'theme' subjects as further down the tree is that there's no way to easily browse an animation that has coffins in it, and an archival film that has coffins in it.

This is because the two items would have different locations for that particular subject:

Animation: Computer: Coffins
Archival Film: Coffins they wouldn't appear in the same place on the category tree. This would kinda suck - I like the Prelinger style of being able to browse by general theme as well as the actual 'type' of movie.

So here's my suggestion - I can add some text to the top of the Open-Source Movies collection page which says:


Browse by genre: Animation, Archival Film, Educational, Government, Independent Film,
Music, Nature, Political


The idea would then be that we'd pick one main category (and possibly subcategory), and two other general 'themes', for example:

Animation: 3D

When you browsed by subject, you'd get LOTS of cleaned-up categories, like Prelinger, but you could also find the overall category through this 'map' on the front page.

So, two more things:

- Does anyone have comments/suggestions for my top level categories, as described above?

- Would anyone (apart from me and Bill T.) have time to volunteer to help sort this plan out? If so, mail me at simon at archive dot org and I can probably arrange you some access to help out.

Unfortunately, the Open-Source Movies page is hardcoded, so I won't put the categories up there just yet, but I may go try this with Open-Source Audio as well!


This post was modified by simon c on 2004-06-20 08:30:11

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Poster: tambora Date: Jun 21, 2004 6:10am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: Possible solution (was Re: Overwhelming batch..)

I'm assuming "Independent film" would encompass clip films and re-edits. If so, then that looks great.

By the way, as a chronic reviewer, I've been defaulting on my de facto duties recently because, well, there are just too many new good films. Without sounding sappy, I'd like to say that they're basically all good films. Even the new Sector 512 movie was pretty funny, as a film noir parody/spoof. I wish I had time to review them all, but that probably won't happen. Unfortunately.